Kelly (teagues_veil) wrote,

30 Days of Blogging - Introduction

Day 1: Introduce yourself and a recent photo of yourself.

What a perfect first prompt for the new year, a new challenge, and new public entries!

My name is Kelly, I am 28, and I currently live in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. I was born & raised in Northern Virginia and did my undergrad in Greensboro, North Carolina. I graduated from a small liberal arts college in 2012, with a degree in English Literature & a minor in Sociology (it totally should have been a double major but frankly, I was scared of Research Methods). I positively thrived in academia and over the course of my college years, I focused on: monster theory, zombies/zombie theory, Victorian lit, women & gender & sexuality, intersectional feminism, and art history.

She/her preferred. I’m inked, pierced, and have had brightly colored hair on and off since I was in middle school. Deep down, I’m pretty convinced purple is my “natural” hair color. ;) I’m overweight and trying to get healthier, but self-discipline has never been my forté. Although I don’t do much in the ways of “practicing” nowadays, aside from meditation, I do still identify as an eclectic Pagan and I find polytheistic belief systems fascinating. I’m geeky and proud of it – I fangirl hardcore, I’m obsessed with books, and I enjoy video games. I’m bisexual & inclined towards polyamory, although my dating history is admittedly a little sparse. That being said, social anxiety is a bitch, and I’m not always the best at meeting new people or making friends.

I currently work a boring 8-4 type job, but it pays the bills. Before joining Corporate America, I was a bookseller. I miss the books terribly and will always firmly maintain that everyone should have to work in the customer service industry at least once in their lifetime (food, retail, hospitality, etc.). When I’m not brainlessly plugging away at work, I’m generally being a bit of a homebody. I’m an introvert and not particularly social, so a lot of my free time is spent at home with my BFF & roomie, Paul (we met in college and have been more or less living together for about a decade – platonic soulmates FTW). I enjoy writing everything from poetry to fanfic, reading an embarrassing amount of YA & graphic novels, making graphics for LJ, and watching far too much Netflix and/or Hulu. I’m pretty hooked in to social media and I spend most days pondering how best to stay connected with the people I care about (bonus points if I don’t have to actually leave the house... or feel awkward).

I dream about being published, consistently maintaining a blog, going back to school, and maybe even having a YouTube channel one day. I try to stay focused on self-improvement and I fully embrace being a work in progress. Life can be pretty isolating and lonely, but I try to remember that unless I can unflinchingly love myself, I can’t really expect anyone else to. I spend a lot of time thinking about mental health & the stigmas surrounding mental illness, as well as body positivity, and female empowerment. I don’t shy away from confrontation, but I don’t care for petty drama, so I try to maintain an empathetic & open mind.

Tinkerbell is my spirit animal. I am totally a Monica just waiting to find her Chandler. Katniss drove me bonkers when I first read The Hunger Games because, in retrospect, she reminded me too much of myself. I would definitely have been a Baggins, stubbornly refuse an epic adventure, only to regret it the following morning. I’ve always been the Hermione in my group of friends, although it took me a long time to appreciate those qualities in myself. Dick Grayson/Nightwing is BAE.

Aaaannnnd I think that is a decent enough introduction! Feel free to ask questions or for elaboration in the comments – I’m an open book! Peace out, homies.

PS: Friendly reminder that my (slightly out of date) “Who’s Who & What’s What” post lives YONDER. :)
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