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30 Days of Blogging - 20 Facts

Day 2: 20 facts about you.

I’ll try to pick facts I haven’t used 1000x before and didn’t already state in the intro post, so this might be a challenge. These are gonna be random, y’all!

01) I have face-planted in real life. Front teeth hit the concrete first. Yes, it was traumatizing.

02) I’m only second generation US-born (on my father’s side). My great-grandparents were Welsh & my grandfather was born in England.

03) My maternal grandfather died before I was born. He worked for the CIA in espionage, and at one point, he was actually under suspicion of being Deep Throat.

04) I’ve been an anime junkie since around 2001 or 2002, and although I go through periods where sometimes I watch more or sometimes watch less, I’ll probably be gray-haired and still saying “kanpai” before I do a shot.

05) One of the things I currently find the most intellectually stimulating is sorting fictional characters and real people into Harry Potter Hogwarts houses.

06) I used to be conversationally fluent in French, but after 5+ years of NEVER speaking it, I can’t even handle simple translations now. AND IT MAKES ME SAD.

07) I’m not very well traveled and aside from various US states, I’ve only been to Canada (Montréal). Europe, especially the UK, has always had a soft-spot in my heart though and I have GRAND travel plans... one day.

08) I’ve been on LJ since 2004. 14 years!

09) I’m terrified of the dentist, namely because I know my teeth are in appalling condition. I fear both the judgement and the pain. :/

10) I also hate going to the doctor’s, namely because of how fatphobic most medical professionals are.

11) I’ve never had a broken bone, at least not that I know of. I had a bicycle accident when I was small, and there was some concern that I might have broken one or more of the small bones around the eye, but eventually the swelling & discoloration faded so an x-ray was never taken. I *might* have broken my toe once, and I did need a boot, but it’s still unconfirmed because, again, no x-ray was taken. I sprained my ankle in HS and in the doctor’s own words, the sprain was so severe that it might as well have been a break, but that’s about it.

12) I currently write more fanfic than original material, but I find both endeavors equally gratifying. I firmly believe that sometimes fanfic is an even better test for a writer than creating something new would be, namely because you have to practice writing believably for existing characterizations & universes.

13) If I had been healthier and had more faith in myself after graduating college, I probably would have joined the Marines. As it was, I didn’t think that I could ever be fit enough and I doubted my capability of existing in such a male-dominated world.

14) I’ve been overweight since second or third grade. Self-esteem & self-love issues LIKE WHOA.

15) My “BIG PAPER TO PROVE YOU HAVE A BRAIN BEFORE YOU GRADUATE COLLEGE” was about zombies (yes, my undergrad was better than yours ;P). I utilized tons of theory to analyze various zombie media (TV shows, movies, games, etc.), plus artwork that conveyed disfigurement, and discussed how the two things illustrate humanity’s obsession obtaining “perfection.”

16) Lowkey obsessed with the entire Power Rangers franchise. I’ve seen almost all of the series, even the newer ones.

17) Coffee is my lifeblood but I’m also a tea enthusiast.

18) I used to work in a small movie theatre, and during my first week at the job, I managed to burn the popcorn so badly that the smoke alarms went off and the fire department was called. We even had to evacuate the theatre. Womp womp.

19) I’m HOOKED on Destiny. For anyone who knows the game, I’m a Titan, although sometimes I’ll deign to play as a Warlock. I also pretty much only play Bungee games, because I’m sh*t at adapting to new game controls.

20) I hate opening presents FROM others in front of them almost as much as I hate watching others open my gifts TO them. Just to be contrary though, I still lovelovelove giving presents and during the holidays, I’m a total Christmas elf.
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