Kelly (teagues_veil) wrote,

30 Days of Blogging - Fears

Day 5: What are you afraid of?

Ugh, I’m afraid of everything. Well, okay, not actually everything, but sometimes it feels like that. I’m also the most easily startled person ON THE PLANET, so I tend to jump clean out of my skin AT LEAST once a day.

"Normal" fears:
💣 shots
💣 snakes/being bitten by a snake
💣 bugs... just... BUGS
💣 parasites that get in your body
💣 losing the people I care about
💣 large (aggressive) dogs – but this really only applies to animals I don’t know
💣 being hit by a car/being in a car crash

I also have a fair few irrational fears:
💣 falling down an escalator
💣 getting stuck in an elevator and/or being in an elevator that stars falling
💣 being attacked by a shark
💣 drowning
💣 going to the dentist
💣 having my identity stolen/being hacked/having someone ruin my life by spending all my $$$
💣 being stalked
💣 becoming blind
💣 being impaled
💣 nuclear warfare & explosions
💣 monsters under my bed (not even kidding, I still have random nights where I’m extra paranoid and can’t go to sleep until I’ve checked under the bed for ~lurkers)

I also also have a lot of fears that stem from insecurities:
💣 ballooning in weight suddenly & drastically
💣 dying alone/never finding love
💣 being talked about behind my back
💣 not being able to live independently and/or being trapped in my own body
💣 losing my hair

What kinds of things are you afraid of? Do you have any irrational fears that infringe on your daily life? Any fears that you’ve worked through and gotten past? If so, how did you do it?
Tags: 30 days of blogging, bullets, fear, list, paranoia
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