Kelly (teagues_veil) wrote,

30 Days of Blogging - Pet Peeves

Day 7: Pet peeves.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves? Any ridiculous ones (some of mine are certainly a little batty)?

✘ taking out the trash without putting a new bag in the bin
✘ listening to music in public without headphones
✘ having to repeat myself (especially at work)
✘ saying “Oh, so it’s free!” when something doesn’t ring up at the register
✘ spilling or getting crumbs on the counter/table and not wiping it up
✘ the silent treatment
✘ anyone who uses “better to beg forgiveness than ask permission” as an excuse
✘ flagging down another waiter in a restaurant instead of waiting for your own to come back around
✘ talking (extensively) over TV or movie dialogue
✘ tacky mailboxes (I’m very traditional when it comes to mailboxes, lolololol)
✘ people who wear leggings as pants (UNLESS exercising/doing yoga/cleaning/etc.)
✘ talking and/or texting while driving
✘ people who don’t read the entirety of an email and/or people who ask you questions you already answered in a previous email
✘ people who move things in/on others’ space(s) – like people picking something up off my desk and then putting it back in a different place
✘ inconsistent formatting (inconsistencies in general, tbqh)
✘ having my water glass topped off in a restaurant when I haven’t even had a chance to drink half of it yet
✘ people who cut in line – especially if it’s “only” to ask a question (as if that negates your attitude of “my time is more valuable than everyone else’s in this line”)
✘ taking multiple portions of food brought to work for sharing before everyone else has had a chance to have their portion
✘ voicemail... just... Voicemail (cue Gollum, “we hates it precious, we hatessss it!”)

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