Kelly (teagues_veil) wrote,

30 Days of Blogging - Worst Habits

Day 8: Worst habits.

Oh god, I have so many. Someone else tell me your bad habits so I feel less terribly about my own. xD

🍹 interrupting people (not intentionally or in a rude way or anything, but I do tend to interject comments)
🍹 picking at myself & my skin
🍹 doing laundry but not putting the clothes away after
🍹 making really aggressive goals & to-do lists that are completely unrealistic
🍹 not getting up off my happy butt for hours at a time once I’ve gotten settled and comfy
🍹 hitting the snooze button and/or re-setting my alarms repeatedly
🍹 putting things off
🍹 no self-discipline when it comes to routines – I can’t stick to jack-diddly for more than two or three weeks
🍹 ordering out instead of cooking
🍹 getting visibly impatient while listening to stories I have little to no interest in
🍹 consuming way too much fast food
🍹 throwing everything on my bedroom floor as soon as I walk in the door
🍹 gossiping – namely at work (I tend to succumb to gossip and peer pressure as a means of social bonding, especially since being social at work generally makes me anxious)

Tags: 30 days of blogging, bad behaviour, bullets, gifs, habits, list
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