Kelly (teagues_veil) wrote,

30 Days of Blogging - Things I Collect

Day 15: What you collect.

Hmmmm, I don’t really go out of my way to collect very many things, but I guess I do own what could only be described as several “collections.” The only things I actually go out of my way to hoard are journals, but I also use them, so I’m not sure if that really counts.

Basically, I just buy things I like and sometimes that means I end up with a small army of all the same kinda stuff. So, in that sense, I suppose I “collect”:

🎮 journals
🎮 Funko POP figures
🎮 stones/crystals
🎮 tea
🎮 colorful pens/markers/writing utensils
🎮 geeky jewelry
🎮 books
🎮 convention lanyards
🎮 Tinkerbell ~sh*t

Tags: 30 days of blogging, bullets, favorites, gifs, lists
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