Kelly (teagues_veil) wrote,

30 Days of Blogging - Best Trip

Day 26: Best trip of your life.

I haven't taken very many trips... and none of them spring to mind as awesome enough to be declared "the best trip of my life."

I loved visiting Chicago, but it was a short visit, for school, and still had a lot of low points for me (yay teenage angst & depression). Same thing with Montréal.

I think the best I can do is pick a favorite trip destination, which so far, would be Folly Beach (South Carolina, USA). Paul's family has a house on the beach, and my best vacations definitely have been there. I LOOOOVE it. It's also quite close to Charleston, which is another city close to my heart. ♥

What about you? What has been the best trip of your life?
Tags: 30 days of blogging, folly, paul, travel, traveling
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