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30 Days of Blogging - In 5 Years

Day 29: Where will you be in 5 years?

I've actually given this a little thought recently, although admittedly not entirely by choice. Everyone and their mother seems to think I need advice regarding work & schooling. Most folks are well-intentioned, don't get me wrong, but the number of times I hear "you need to go back to school!" in a single day is borderline absurd. I appreciate the concern, buuuuuut I don't need to incessantly be reminded of all the things I just MUST do in order to not be found lacking and/or do to improve my ~clearly~ floundering self. *eyeroll*

Anyhoo, in 5 years. I will almost definitely have left my current company. A) It's not remotely what I went to school for, nor do I particularly enjoy cubicle life. Corporate America = high school all over again, and I am soooo not into the constant drama. B) I have no desire to be a Program Manager, which would be the next logical step in regards to career trajectory, for this type of work. C) When I left BAM and came to ISN, it was because I wanted to add office experience to my resume. All I really had going for me before that point was retail & customer service, and even though I did reach management while in retail, that regrettably still doesn't speak to the same level of professionalism as a stint working in a plain 'ole office.

When I got hired, I was honest about just being in it for the experience. The weight of "worked at X for 12 months" ten years ago, is more like "worked at X for 3 years" in today's world. At least, that seems to be the commonly held consensus and that's what I was told by multiple supervisors when I was being trained on interviewing/hiring skills. I only ever intended to be at ISN for three years, and then I would begin looking for writing and/or publishing opportunities. My three year anniversary is this coming November, so when that hits, I'll start looking for new employment. I've mentally given myself a little leeway here, as I also have self-induced feelings of accountability when it comes to seeing out the contract I'm currently working on. It will be up for rebid in September 2019, so I may wait until that point to start seriously job-searching.

That being said, I hope that in five years I am writing professionally in some capacity. If that isn't paying the bills, which realistically it won't be, I'll be working somewhere where work doesn't feel like a chore and/or back in school (ironic, I know, after how I started off this post).

If I'm not in a relationship, that's okay, but I do hope that I'll have at least gotten out there a bit in five years' time and dated more. I've reverted hardcore to my introverted & unsociable ways since moving out & into this apartment. I don't see anything wrong with being a homebody, but I take it a bit to an extreme sometimes and I start losing relationships. :|

I'll almost definitely still be living in the DMV, and probably still roomie'd with Paul, who plans to buy a house in the next few years. I commit pray want to believe 🤞 that in five years I'll be leading at least a marginally healthier lifestyle and that I'll have started tackling some of my physical & mental health issues.
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